N Power Climate Cops!

Students from Commonweal School have beaten hundreds of schools nationwide to turn their green campaign in to a reality.

The energy company Npower ran a competition called Climate Cops SOS designed to motivate the UK's greenest teens to turn their passion for the environment in to a reality.

Ten students from Commonweal Geography department impressed judges with their entry video designed to rally the people of Swindon in to buying local food and reducing their food miles.

Now they're through to the final they'll go to London at the end of the month to take part in a special work shop hosted by former journalist, spin doctor and top campaign strategist Alastair Campbell. Using their mentors wisdom they'll then go on to have a series of workshops which will turn their campaign in to a reality.

Results of Final

Students from Commonweal School in Swindon were announced as runners-up at the npower Climate Cops SOS final, judged by Alastair Campbell, winning £10,000 for their school and a £150 Halfords bike and safety equipment voucher for each student. 

Last year, following a nationwide search, the students were selected as finalists in npower's Climate Cops SOS competition, an initiative designed to motivate the UK's greenest teens into turning their passion for the environment into a positive campaign for Swindon.

npower launched its search for the UK’s most passionate eco-teens in April 2009, with schools challenged to choose a local environmental issue they would tackle.

Commonweal School pupils initiated their own ‘Shop Local not Global’ campaign, organising a local Farmer’s Market to ensure the whole community got involved and lent their support.

The team made and sold cakes, muffins and cheese straws from locally sourced ingredients themselves and set up a vegetable pot collection scheme with a local farmer. They presented their plans to each year group at the school to ensure everyone got involved and understood the importance of shopping locally.   

Alistair Campbell was very impressed with the results of the students’ efforts as well as the extensive local media coverage they managed to secure in order to spread the word in the community.  They were interviewed on the breakfast show of their local radio station and gained the support of local MP Anna Snelgrove.

Judge Alastair Campbell commented:                                                             
“Commonweal School students have proved that small actions can make a big difference.  By encouraging their community and peers to be more aware of the importance of locally sourced food, the students are demonstrating the power their generation can have to make change happen.”

Clare McDougall, Head of npower

Climate Cops commented:
“The npower Climate Cops programme has been designed to motivate young people to make their own choices in how they want to help the planet. Commonweal School came up with some really creative ideas to get the wider community aware of the locally sourced produce available and the pupils are very deserving winners.”

The above text taken from the Npower Media Centre Website. The video is part of the entry produced by Students.

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