GCSE Music Guide 2009

  • Composition                  30%
  • Performance                 30%
  • Listening & Appraising    40%

Areas Of Study:

  1. Western Classical Music (1600-1899)
  2. 20th Century Music
  3. Popular Music In Context
  4. World Music

Composition (Coursework with controlled assessment) 30%
TWO compositions, taken from different areas of study. The composition can be written for any combination of instruments. ICT music software is available. A recording of the composition must also be provided as either a live recording or a MIDI recording. If no score can be written then an annotation must be produced. (Brief description of the composition e.g. chords used, key etc)

Performance (Coursework with controlled assessment) 30%
One solo piece
One ensemble / rehearsing & directing
These are recorded in year 11 and assessed in school before being moderated by the exam board. Students must present a score for their piece or a professional recording if no score is available.

Listening and Appraising (Exam)                    40%
Examined in May of year 11 and lasting 1 ½  hours. The exam will be based on 12 set works set by the exam board, 3 from each area of study. There will also be general music theory questions that we will cover in class. The questions are recorded onto CD that is played during the exam