CAOS (Contemporary Artists of Swindon) was set up in the early part of 1999 by photographer, poet and singer Josie Williams LMPA and visual artist Gordon Dickinson with help and support from Visual Arts @ Swindon Borough Council.

The aim of the movement is to bring together semi-professional and professional artists, irrespective of qualifications. The mediums range from painting to poetry, photography, music, sculpture, performance art and multimedia, with a common thread of producing work by non traditional means. It is a great pleasure to have as patrons Lord Bath and Desmond Morris who both welcome the ethos of CAOS.

Besides an array of exhibitions and art related events, organised by CAOS, the group are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and initiate help from other members to bring their creative events into fruition. Under the banner of CAOS our voice can be heard as united we stand, divided we fall.

CAOS aim to work in the community in a fun and informative way and this will be achieved via a series of workshops. We also offer support to artists who feel like square pegs in round holes and bring them together as a large family both in the real world and as a presence on the World Wide Web.

CAOS are also keen to further learning and understanding of The Arts and are proud to be supported by Visual Arts @ Swindon Borough Council and The School of Art & Design, Swindon College.

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