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Aims of CAOS

# To support art of local contemporary artists. To include both those recognised in their field and up and coming semi-professional artists irrespective of academic qualifications.

# To encourage and offer advice and moral support to all artists

# To work in the community in a fun, informative and enlightening way and help dispel the concept of art being elitist.

# To work with disadvantaged groups in the community.

# To plant a seed for a future movement of artists to work together and promote a broad range of art events from art/music collaborations, to poetry, dance, music, exhibitions and community workshops.

# To exhibit work to commemorate artists of Swindon working during the Millennium and beyond.

# To promote Swindon artists on the Internet and link up with others on the World Wide Web.

# To further learning and understanding of the arts.

# To give individuals of the group support in planning events under the CAOS banner.