GCSE Music

  • Composition 25%
  • Integrated Assignment 25%
  • Performance 25%
  • Listening & Appraising 25%

Composition (Coursework) 25%
One composition taken from the area of study: Music For Special Events.The composition can be written for any combination of instruments. ICT music software is available. A recording of the composition must also be provided as either a live recording or a MIDI recording. If no score can be written then an annotation must be produced. (Brief description of the composition e.g. chords used, key etc)

Integrated Assignment 25%
This is a composition set by the exam board. Students are to choose ONE composition brief from the choice of four. Again, a score/annotation and a recording must be provided.

Performance (Coursework) 25%
One solo and one ensemble. A photocopy of the music must be included where possible. If not possible then a CD of the original music should be enclosed.

Listening and Appraising (Exam) 25%
There are five areas of study:

  • Music for special events
  • Music for Film
  • Music for Dance
  • Popular song since 1960
  • Orchestral landmarks

The exam lasts 1 ¼ hours and has ten questions; two from each area of study.